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Webmasters: Slow site hurts your business as we learned from April 2010 Mozilla studies.

Now that you've built the perfect site you have, don't let all the work flush down the drain just because your site takes a while to load up. Cut down your site's loading times and gain advance to your competitors!

Speed Up WordPress is a nifty little plugin that ramps up your

page loading speed.

How to make WP faster?
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Customer Reviews

"Super easy setup and does what it says." – Fujifred

"The developer is very responsive, he helped me with some of my requests. The plugin does what is supposed to, and we had great speed improvement. Thank you Moshe" – Moshe Lugasi

"This is such a great plugin. No advanced knowledge needed, just follow the recommendation. My website is running extremely fast. - Thanks!" – Harmony Baptiste

Screenshot of Settings

As we can see from the screenshot below, the control panel shows each feature with an instructive description, current status, and a button to toggle the feature on and off.

Speed Up WordPress plugin settings page


...and how forgetting website speed considerations can lead to sales losses. Here is a couple of quotes from the Nathan Gotch's SEO strategy video you can find below.

"The truth is that a slow loading website won't only hurt your organic search performance but it can actually hurt your business as well." -Nathan Gotch

"There are countless studies showing the importance of website loading speed and its effect not only on your organic search traffic performance, but also on your businesses performance as well." -Nathan Gotch


Here you can find some case studies underlining the importance of your website loading speed:

"1 (one) second delay in website loading speed can reduce conversions by 7%." -Hubspot

"Mozilla Firefox reduced their average website loading time by 2.2 seconds, which increased downloads by 15.4%!" -Mozilla.org (see article)

Statistics may tell about your sites profitability

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Why is my WordPress site so slow?

Slow WordPress installation can be due to multiple issues. Here are some tips on how to reduce site loading time.

Troubleshooting Slow WP

Too Many Active Plugins

If your WordPress backend is very slow you may have too many active plugins. Executing every one of them on every page load is straining your server. Go through the admin panel's plugins page and disable the plugins you don't really need.

Images Slowing Down Website

Adding lot's of large and unoptimized images to your page are an easy way to slow down response times. Go through your images and shrink them to optimal size.

Use Speed Up WordPress plugin to enable GZIP compression, document expire times, and image lazy loading. This way the images are compressed before sending them to visitor. Lazy loading loads the images just before they become visible to the user which dramatically reduces the initial loading time. Enabling expire times results in files being cached in the browser and thus require no loading at all!

Always keep WP and plugins updated

Outdated WordPress or Plugins

Your WordPress installation or plugins may be out of date. By installing the latest version of WordPress you ensure the loading times are not hindered by old code. In addition to fixing bugs and issues, many WordPress updates account for improved speed, so keep your WP installation up to date.

Choose Fast WP Theme

Also your theme may be programmed poorly. Use WordPress themes that are verified to be fast and SEO-friendly.

With these tips you are on the right path on your journey of slow website troubleshooting.

More Than5 Ways to Speed Improvement

The plugin modifies your site's settings including Apache .htaccess configs safely to improve performance. Fast loading times for pages and files is vital for great user experience and high search engine rankings.

The powerful set of features includes:

Faster WordPress yields better rankings

You have the power to enable/disable any feature via control panel. Automatic check verifies gzip compression is up and running correctly when you activate it. Document expire times allow user agents to use cached content so only changed files are downloaded at each visit.

Enabling the Minify HTML setting results in smaller file size and cuts down the download time. Image lazy loading makes the images on your posts to load only just before they become visible to the user. This decreases traffic and the page will be initially loaded comparably much faster.

GT Metrix analyzation of the site speedupwp.surf.

Check Website Speed

Speed Up WordPress plugin is a great aid for websites taking long time to load. You can cut down your website optimization services cost by utilizing this handy plugin. To see the results use some online service designed to benchmark web page load time and diagnose other website problems.

There are many online website speed comparison test tools to test hosting server speed. Google offers a service called Page Speed Insights. Other tools include GT Metrix and Pingdom. Use them to find out your page speed before and after you have enabled Speed Up WordPress plugin to be ensured of the results.

Especially check the front page running time since that is usually the most popular part of your site.

How to Download and Install

You can use this plugin on your own server or in hosting services such as Bluehost and Godaddy hosting to quicken slow WordPress site. Go to Plugins → Add New → Upload Plugin and upload the zip file you got from Creative Market. Alternative way is to extract the plugin zip file and place it into your site's plugins directory.

In the "Installed Plugins" page activate the plugin and go to plugin options page Settings → Speed Up WordPress to set it up. Going through the settings just takes a minute and is highly recommended.

You are 90% ready to download.

You are 90% ready to download!

Why The Plugin Doesn't Work For Me?

Speed Up WordPress is a multifunctional tool to improve the performance of your WordPress site. Some of the features can only be utilized when your server setup is configured to support them, some of the features will only benefit you if your site and server configuration is suitable.

Although this plugin makes tweaking the settings easy – do not take this as a one-click-and-you're-ready-to-go plugin. Although that may also do the trick, instead, try enabling and disabling the features and test your site for what's working for you.

By keeping this in mind your journey with the plugin will be pleasant and effective.

Get New Features

If you would like this plugin to have some related performance feature you need, please send a comment to the page here and it will be possibly included in future releases.

When you have downloaded the plugin you will receive notifications when a new version is published in Creative Market. So go ahead and continue purchasing this plugin – download now and get updates for life-time!

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ReviewWho else needs a faster site?

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I used and it worked fine. I got an instant result in PageSpeed inside score. Highly recommended." –Arup

Wordpress.org Gzip review

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