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Speed Up WordPress is a nifty little plugin that ramps up your WordPress page loading speed by modifying WordPress settings and important Apache server configuration rules.


Here is a couple of quotes from the Nathan Gotch's SEO strategy video you can find below.

"The truth is that a slow loading website won't only hurt your organic search performance but it can actually hurt your business as well." -Nathan Gotch

"There are countless studies showing the importance of website loading speed and its effect not only on your organic search traffic performance, but also on your businesses performance as well." -Nathan Gotch


Some case studies underlining the importance of your website loading speed:

"1 (one) second delay in website loading speed can reduce conversions by 7%." -Hubspot

"Mozilla Firefox reduced their average website loading time by 2.2 seconds, which increased downloads by 15.4%!" -Mozilla.org (see article)


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Speed Up WordPress by .htaccess rules


The plugin modifies your site's settings including Apache .htaccess configs safely to improve performance. Fast loading times for pages and files is vital for great user experience and high search engine rankings.

The powerful set of features includes:

Faster WordPress yields better rankings

You have the power to enable/disable any feature via control panel. Automatic check verifies gzip compression is up and running correctly when you activate it. Document expire times allow user agents to use cached content so only changed files are downloaded at each visit.

Enabling the Minify HTML setting results in smaller file size and cuts down the download time. Image lazy loading makes the images on your posts to load only just before they become visible to the user. This decreases traffic and the page will be initially loaded comparably much faster.


You can download the plugin now for only $25 via Simple Goods with safe, fast, and secure Stripe online payment processing. After payment you will get your hands on a fresh zip file containing the latest version of Speed Up WordPress plugin.

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